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Researchers Find A Strange Synchronization Among Distanced Galaxies

There are millions of galaxies found to be present in space and they are found to be a few light-years apart. The distanced galaxies are found to be connected by a network of massive intergalactic structures that are invisible but tend to force them to synchronize in a particular pattern. This new discovery is believed to make us rethink over the fundamental concepts of the Universe. The consistency seen in the observations show some sort of relationship to exist in between the large structures as the galaxies distanced by 6 Megaparsecs remain inactive with each other. According to Astronomer Hyeop Lee from Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, the astronomers have been observing the galaxies that are either connected or moving in a similar pattern.

Though the galaxies are far apart, they tend to move in sync. Another study published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics in 2014 showed the supermassive black holes to be arranged in a similar pattern with each other despite being a few light-years apart. The alignment and movement of ancient stars at a smaller scale is well explained by the current cosmological principles but its support in case of larger patterns across vast distances is puzzling. The astronomers are looking for more data to come up with a valid conclusion.

Similarly, the astronomers have recently identified a galaxy in the distant Universe and it appears to be duplicated on the night sky at least 12 times. This unusual sight was captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. This new discovery could possibly help better understand the early Universe. The galaxy has been dubbed Sunburst Arc and it has been found to be 11 billion light-years away. It is a singular galaxy that is found to appear multiple times in the sky due to an effect called strong gravitational lensing.

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