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Google Has Been Gathering Health Data Without Patient’s Knowledge

Google finds itself again in the hot soup owing to the use of personal data. The tech giant has been found to be using the health record data of millions of Americans without the patients’ or doctors’ consent. St. Louis-based Ascension is the second-largest health system in the US that has been found to be giving out lab result details, health histories, and also patient’s personal details like date of birth, names, and more with Google. The initiative had been named Project Nightingale by Google and it has been found that almost 150 Google employees have access to the tens of millions of patients’ health data. The data is basically being used by Google to create new, AI-driven software.

Google’s act may seem like a complete invasion of privacy but it has been found that organizations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) generally permit hospitals to share data with business partners, without consent of the patients. The info is believed to be used to help the hospital provide better healthcare. The companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon are working toward creating a mark in the healthcare space. However, all that is wished for is that these companies keep the patient records secure.

Likewise, Google has a new feature for the Chrome users that will help them choose sites wisely based on their speed. The plan is to identify and label websites that load slowly based on the user’s device and current network conditions. The exact speed of the website cannot be labeled but the use of either threads, cautions, or other options are being experimented to help identify the high quality websites. This new feature if rolled out anytime soon, then it is definitely a boon for the mobile users as the loading speed is a major concern.

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