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Peritoneal Dialysis Could Be Enhanced Using AWAK Device

A team Singapore General Hospital has found the automated wearable artificial kidney (AWAK) device to effectively perform peritoneal dialysis. The patients dealing with kidney malfunction generally lose the capacity to remove the toxins from the blood and thus, have to resort to artificial means to do so. Thus, it is here that the device comes into play by removing toxins. The ASN Kidney Week 2019 conducted at Walter E. Washington Convention Center is where the study was first presented. The researchers are investigating the effectiveness of the AWAK device in treating peritoneal dialysis (PD). The device will help the dialysis be performed on-the-go.

The traditional dialysis method can be avoided as they are more time-consuming in terms of machine connection and therapy outcomes. The device has been designed using a sorbent-based regenerative technology to let high dose dialysis to be performed using a low volume of dialysis solution. The technology restores and reconstitutes the used dialysis fluid by turning it into fresh fluid by removing toxins. The trials have shown no adverse effects to date and the treatments have helped remove waste substances from the blood of the patients. The potential to revolutionize the way peritoneal dialysis is being handled could be changed using the regenerative sorbent technology. The new technology helps save resources and lower wastage by reusing dialysis fluids.

Similarly, the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research investigators have shown the drug difelikefalin (CR845) to cause a significant reduction in itch intensity and it is also found to increase the quality of life. Cara Therapeutics developed the drug to treat pruritus but it has not yet approved as a therapy in the US and Europe. However, the trials have shown positive in case of kidney disease-associated pruritus. The therapy if approved could give the dialysis patient a hope to live.

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